Cat Flat is a brutally realistic virtual reality simulation game, about a large amount of cats living in a small room, with only a few bowls of food. You can resupply their food, but they will inevitably perish. It's a cruel world out there. Some cats live longer than others, some are bigger, some last longer on the same food. Every F5 creates a new family of cats.


  • Enable VR: Click the goggle-icon in the bottom right
  • Look around: Drag the mouse / literally look around in VR
  • Move around: WASD
  • Fill food bowl (not in VR): Aim at the bowl & click
  • Fill food bowl (in VR): Aim at the bowl & wait a second
  • Fill all bowls instantly (for ease of use): E


"You can put on your VR headset and pretend you're in a house full of cats."
~ Jupiter Hadley


This project uses A-Frame which is great and makes WebVR dev very similar to normal web dev.

The sounds are from by the following people:


The code is licensed under the MIT License. The 3D art is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. So basically copy as much as you like, as long as you give credit to "Excitedneon" or "Jens Pitkänen".

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