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Excavation Site Mercury is a traditional-style roguelike made for the 7DRLx17 game jam, over one week. Explore the mines, collect rare minerals, perhaps even discover the riches near the core!

When your run ends, whether in death or glory, you can submit your final statistics to an online leaderboard, and compare with others. Note that the submission can take some seconds, because the server is simulating all your turns to ensure that all the leaderboard entries are legitimate.


The game is entirely playable with a keyboard.

  • WASD / HJKL / Arrows keys to move, attack, open doors and so on. The core gameplay is based on movement.
  • Tab / left-click to inspect yourself and enemies.
  • Buttons can either be clicked, or activated by pressing the number indicated between brackets.

Source code

This game is distributed under the GNU GPLv3 license, making this free software. The game's version control is on GitHub and my personal Git, and you can always download the source alongside the binary downloads.


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mercury-linux-x86_64.zip 947 kB
Version 1
mercury-macos-x86_64.zip 867 kB
Version 1
mercury-windows-x86_64.zip 796 kB
Version 1
excavation-site-mercury-source.zip 1 MB


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Nice game but enemy ai is bad so you can just run from them. Maybe this is a what you intended.

Enemy AI was victim to last-day priorisation, I'm afraid. Leaderboards were right above "AI improvements" and the leaderboards was the last thing I wrote :/