A downloadable first person fisher for Windows

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Neon Fishing is a first person fisher game, set in a neon sci-fi ocean scenery. Catch fish of all shapes* and sizes! Experience the eye-destroying contrast of a beautiful neon bloom-filled 3D world!
*differing shapes not guaranteed

Made for the Fishing Jam in a weekend. Plus a few hours during the week.

If you'd like the Unreal project files, to mod, to learn or whatever else, you can get them on the Neon Fishing GitHub page!

Now in VR! Just download the VR version and have fun. Developed and tested on the Vive, you can press the thumbpad to open the menu and then press the trigger when looking at the "exit" text to exit. The trigger is also used to release fish. Otherwise, it's just intuitive hand flailing!


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Neon Fishing (Windows) 59 MB
Neon Fishing (Windows, VR) 53 MB


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to demanding for something this small :/

GPU wise? Agreed, it's made in a pretty old version of Unreal Engine at this point. Not feeling like rewriting this, but if I did, I'd definitely make it run a lot better.


Hi there! I played with this in my Vive. I didn't expect cyberpunk fishing to be therapeutic. But, really, it was. The physics felt just right too. Nice work on this, really!

I work at Mozilla on the Mixed Reality & VR team (https://mixedreality.mozilla.org/), working on WebVR (https://webvr.rocks/) and A-Frame (https://aframe.io/). We're working on the WebGL players for Unity/Unreal Engine to properly support the WebVR API (https://github.com/caseyyee/unity-webvr-export).

We'd be ecstatic and grateful if you're willing to share your game's source code with us — and my colleague and I will do all the hacking and experimenting.

We really want to be able to have good starting examples (and proof!) that with just a few button clicks, you can be loading your Unity/Unreal VR games directly from within your Web browser.

With your permission, we could also use your project as a case-study sample and share it as well on a few of our web sites.

Let me know if any of this sounds of interest to you. My email's cvan<at>mozilla<dot>com, or you can reach me on Twitter, @cvanw. Thank you very much! 

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